Why Enter

The awards process from entry through to post-event coverage is your opportunity not just to join a community of like-minded professionals but to also be a part of a vital conversation. At varying stages of the awards cycle you can expect to…

1. Improve employee motivation and engagement: awards are a fantastic way to acknowledge the hard work of your employees and recognise your industry partnerships or collaborations. A very visible way of showcasing teams and individuals alongside their skills and expertise.

2. Customer recognition: a fantastic way to enrich your relationship with the client and improve retention. Sharing the story of your joint activity shows clients you value your relationship with them and believe that working together you can achieve great things.

3. Networking / Influencer marketing and business development: from judging through to the ceremony awards offer unprecedented access to the very upper echelons of the projects market c-suite influencers and decision makers.

4. Brand enhancement / endorsement: external reputational benefits from independent endorsement of your project adds immeasurable benefits. Moreover we closely manage and measure our PR coverage and reach offering a tangible return on investment when you taking part.

5. The opportunity to benchmark against your industry peers: Awards are the perfect platform to do this and represent an opportunity to take stock, benchmark your work and congratulate not just employees and clients, but the entire projects industry.