How to Enter?

Step 1: Create an online account here

Step 2: Choose your category (ies) There are 19 categories in total and there is no limit to the number of these you may enter

Step 3: Complete your entry form and pay the entry fee. Following the criteria guidelines, complete your entry response and upload any relevant supporting material/links and pay the entry fee. Prices below are exclusive of VAT:

1 entry = $ 300

2 entries = $ 550

3 entries = $ 750

4 entries = $ 900

5 entries = $ 1000


Make sure you provide yourself enough time to think and not rush your response.

Step 4: Submit your entry

Entries are now open for the 2020 MEED Awards. Here are some guidelines on what judges typically look for in an awards entry.

Ultimately it’s about focus, and answering questions in a clear and concise way. It's about accuracy. And it's about standing out.

Here’s what you need to do:

Be honest
No organisation or individual is perfect and sometimes the best test is how problems are addressed, so don’t be afraid to highlight how issues have been tackled.

Include supporting evidence
Make it easy for the judges to make sense of your entry. One way of doing this is to provide context and background. In addition, facts, figures, charts and tables can improve your awards entry; be sure to submit the right kind of facts and figures.

Know the rules
Review the categories, criteria and pillars for 2020 and read the terms and conditions before submitting your entry.

Tell judges why you were successful
For every objective provide clear, sourced results and provide context for judges to judge those results and objectives.

Start today!
You should start filling in an application form sooner rather than later. A rushed last minute entry will not necessarily reflect on your business as well as a considered one.

Have a few of your colleagues read your case through before submitting to be sure all the elements are there and without typos and you have addressed all questions those unfamiliar with your brand may have after reading the draft. Ask them to give you honest feedback about the length and the jargon. Judges appreciate cases that are not overinflated and that are clear and simple.

Testimonials from your employees/ clients
This is the best form of evidence you can show the judges for any awards programme.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.