As the private sector emerges as the primary driver of growth across the Gulf we aim to recognise the people and organisations making outstanding contributions to this regions ongoing growth and development.

For 2020 we are emphasizing contributions to the development of people, sector diversification and the growth of non-oil revenues, the progress towards thriving, happy cities and our society and of course, sustainability.

What would an outstanding contribution look like?

You could touch on any or all of the development pillars as part of your entry.

People: If applicable highlight in your entry how your company or leader is influencing the development of skills, creating jobs and opportunities and genuinely helping to retain and attract talent to the Gulf. Please include if relevant and where possible tangible evidence, YOY statistics, case studies and testimonials and, if relevant, describe what you have done to create jobs for locals and drive in country value.

Diversification: Throughout the region government strategies are underpinned by the need for diversification to drive economic growth and decrease reliance on oil related revenues. This element of your entry, if applicable, will highlight the organisations, individuals, companies and technologies supporting the growth of the private sector in non-oil related sectors, adding in country value, developing IP, pioneering R&D to name just a few of the ways in which the region is driving diversification. Entries should articulate impact now and forecasted, can include case studies and testimonials.

Society: This element of your entry, if applicable, will highlight the organisations, individuals, companies and technologies that are making our cities work better. How are you contributing to making people’s lives better and supporting work-life balance? We want to celebrate the initiatives and projects that are coming together to keep cities moving and contributing to the happiness of our populations.

Sustainability: The long term strategic visions for the region center on delivering more efficient and productive economies to safeguard economic and environmental sustainability so that the region continues to thrive and develop well beyond the era of oil. At the heart of delivering a more sustainable economy is the need to innovate processes and systems to ensure the highest levels of productivity and efficiency across all aspects of life and work. This part of your entry will recognise the people, companies and initiatives that harness new technology and innovation to deliver more efficient productive services and which help the region achieve its carbon reduction targets in a drive to limit the effect of climate change.

Wherever possible please include tangible evidence, YOY statistics, case studies and testimonials as part of your entry.

  • Architectural/Design Firm of the Year

  • Bank/ Financial Institution of the Year

  • Business Innovation of the Year

  • Consultant of the Year

  • Contractor of the Year

  • Developer of the Year

  • Energy Company of the Year

  • Female Leader of the Year

  • Healthcare Company of the Year

  • Hospitality Company of the Year

  • Law Firm of the Year

  • Logistics/ Transport Company of the Year

  • Male Leader of the Year

  • Manufacturer/ Supplier of the Year

  • Oil & Gas/ Petchems Company of the Year

  • Renewables Company of the Year

  • Rising Star of the Year

  • Sustainability Initiative of the Year

  • Technology Company of the Year