The region is in a period of change.

For decades the GCC’s incredible growth story has been driven by the government.  The challenge now is about preparing the economies for a world without oil. As the government retracts, the private sector will emerge as the primary driver of growth to keep the region’s success story moving forward.

The shift from an oil driven, investment led economy to a knowledge based, productivity led market represents a fundamental change in the business landscape. The future economic model for the region will be highly productive, agile and provide high value careers for the regions young people. To achieve such a fundamental change in the region's economic model requires the commitment and the ambition of people and companies who will embrace disruptive technologies, who can work in ways different from the past and are fully committed to driving excellence in everything that they do.

This new era will be defined by companies who meticulously structure their vision and mission around the four pillars of modern corporate strategy – people, diversification, society and sustainability. The MEED Awards 2020 aims to support these companies by recognizing and celebrating their incredible achievements and the key individuals behind them. The aim of the awards is also to empower and encourage companies to participate in a conversation that sets new standards for best practices in the GCC.

For 62 years the Middle East Economic Digest, MEED, has been supporting and enabling the future success of the region and development of its people by providing news, data, insight and analysis delivered to our GCC wide communities in print, online and in person.  Now in its third edition, the MEED Awards continue to support the relentless effort of the pioneers and leaders of the GCC who are challenging traditional business norms and steering the future of the region into unimaginable domains.

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